It's kinda weird

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It is, to me..

Well there's someone whom I've met once, yeah just once.. by 'met' I mean we're really just 'met', 'introduce ourself', and that's that, no talking or else and that was awhileeeee ago when the 2010 World Cup's here.

Recently I suddenly remember her by twitter, I saw her account and successfully talk (or should I say 'twalk'?) to her twice, yeah just twice.. Talked about it with my friend then I realized there's a one thing that soon to be a biggest boundary.

No she's not a guy, she has mmmm different religion as me (fuck my grammar, I'm not an english teacher, as long as you know what I mean that's enough right?)

Well this' what I called weird : met once, 'twalk' twice, different religion and I can't get her out of my mind..

Blame it on curiosity? Nah but I feel stupid.. But stupid in a........ good way??

Um this is my first post in 2011 right? Then happy new year gays!!!!

I'm outta here!!!!! Good to blog again lol!!